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Einhard: The Lovecraftian horror mod

When I was relatively new to ABJD I quickly came in contact with major modding projects done by other BJD owners. I'm facinated by the fact people are hacking away at very expensive dolls to modify them to fit the images in their heads. From the early beginning I've wanted to do the same thing to express the love I have for old horror stories and Einhard became my very first mod project.
The modding of the head took place between May the 13th and May the 28th in 2007. Below you can see the different steps of modding Einhard's head into the pretty face he is now.

step 1 Step 1: Introduction.

step 2 Step 2: The first eye.

step 3 Step 3: Making room for the mouth.

step 4 Step 4: Sculpting the mouth and teeth.

step 5 Step 5: Painting the mods.

step 6 Step 6: Glue mods as finishing touch.

step 6 The details: Get a little closer to get to know Einhard even better.

Last update: June the 12th 2007