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Frequently asked questions

These are questions I expect people might want to ask or have asked me. If you have a questions that is not answered here, you can email me this question. A Dutch version of the FAQ will be available soon.

-How can I contact you?
-May I use art from this site?
-Do you do link exchanges?
-Do you take commissions?
-How did you learn to draw?
-Can you teach me how to draw?
-How did you make this website?
-Do you know this link/image is broken or that there's a typo on your website?

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can send me an email by clicking HERE or email me at info(at)microwavedcoffee(dot)com. (Remove the brackets and replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with ".")

Q: May I use art from this site?
A: Itís allways nice to meet someone who asks instead of just takes whatever he or she wants. People may use the art made by me presented on this website under the following conditions:
1) I will be informed about your plans of using my art before you use my art.
2) Art will only be used after Iíve given permission.
3) Proper credit will be given with the piece of art by mentioning it was made by me (Suzan Bongers) and if possible with a link to this website.
4) My art will not be altered (e.g. cropped or alteration of colours). Scaling is allowed. If you really need something in a different form, you can inform me and perhaps Iíll alter my work for you.
5) My art will be used for non-profit purposes only. If you want to use something on this website for a commercial purpose contact me to see what is possible and whatís not.
In most cases Iím very lenient with allowing people use my art work for other purposes, but I like to know where my art ends up.

Q: Do you do link exchanges?
A: I only link to websites I find interesting whether those websites link back to me or not. If you have linked to this website and want me to link to yours, send me an email and Iíll take a look at your website. If I find it interesting enough, Iíll place a link in the link section.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Yes, I do. Take a look at the commissions page for more details.

Q: How did you learn to draw?
A: One evening I was walking home and minding my own business when a shady character in a long coat asked: "Hey, wanna buy some talent?" Surprisingly he had different kinds of talents pinned to the inner side of his coat next to several imitation rolex watches. I picked a talent for drawing and paid the guy.
Thatís how I got my talent, but with talent alone you wonít get very far. Thus Iíve practised a lot, looked around at the paintings and drawings of other artists, read many books about proportions, anatomy and different techniques and brought that knowledge into practice. You cannot improve if you donít train your eye how to detect flaws in your own work and know how to correct those flaws. It is a lot of work and I expect Iíll never be finished learning.

Q: Can you teach me how to draw?
A: No. I believe you are the only one who can teach you how to draw. However I can make tutorials if there are enough people interested in them. You can email any suggestions for tutorials.

Q: How did you make this website?
A: I use a simple text editor to make and change all the html code. I browse the internet for html tutorials and look at what kind of html code is used for other websites. All changes are first tested on my computer before I transfer them to the actual website.

Q:Do you know this link/image is broken or that there's a typo on your website?
A: I will fix any mistakes I find on my website, but you can email me about broken links, broken images and typos as well as horrible grammar and spelling errors.

Last update: July the 13th 2006