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Please note that I am currently not taking any commissions, except for special cases. I am also not planning on accepting ABJD related commissions in the future. Thank you.

If you are considering contracting me to make a piece of artwork for you, look no further and read about the specifics here. I take a lot of effort during the whole process of creating a commissioned piece from the first contact with the client to the delivery of the commissioned piece, in order to provide the best service with the best result. Therefore I need you to keep the following in mind:

-I need a working email address (or a phone number when you live in the Netherlands) that I can use to contact you.
-Creating a piece on demand takes time. Not only the actual painting or drawing is time consuming, be prepared to spend at least a few words to agree on how the end product is supposed to look like and the right price.
-Though I'm not the most expensive artist around, I certainly don't work for free or a pittance.
-I can refer you to another artist, if I feel that artist is better up to handeling the subject of the commission. For example though I do draw horses, I know several equine artists who might help you out, if you are looking for an artists who is specialised at drawing horses.

If you contact me, the following steps will take place:

1)You explain what you want. It'd be best if you can give a clear description, like "I want a portrait of my wife done in acrylics on a 50 x 60 cm canvas." However if youíre not certain what you want or what is possible within your budget, we can discuss the matter. Iím available for questions and suggestions and I don't mind spending some time on working on a concept.

2)You decide on the number of pieces, the size of the piece(s), the medium that will be used and the deadline, then Iíll calculate the price for the commission. I canít give an exact price list, because the price is determined by many factors, but it is reasonable to expect the price to be Ä50 or more. The following factors influence the final price Iíll ask for of a commission:

Number of pieces
The more you want, the more you have to pay, however if you commission more than one piece at once, Iíll give a discount.

The size
The larger the size, the more itís going to cost. Unless of course you want something on a very small scale. As a rule of thumb the expected amount of time a commission will demand greatly influences the price.

The medium
Certain media cost more and/or are harder to handle than others. Pencils are relatively cheap and a digital paint program is easy to work with and a commissioned piece with those media will be cheaper than for example a painting in acrylics. I will charge extra if I have to purchase an expensive medium I donít already own (markers for example) as I cannot predict whether Iíll ever get to use it for another commission or not.

The deadline
Iíll give an estimate of the date I can deliver the finished piece taking the amount of work and other projects into consideration. If you would like to receive the piece sooner and I am forced to put other projects on hold to comply, Iíll charge extra.

The amount of work
The amount of work reflects the amount of time that is needed to complete the piece. A simple pencil drawing of a lone figure on A4 paper will take less time to make than an acrylics painting of two medieval armies fighting in front of a burning castle under a sky filled with dragons and steam punk airplanes on a 100 x 80 cm canvas. I work for a normal hourly wage.

Under normal conditions youíll be free to display, print, alter and reproduce the commissioned piece for personal use only and Iíll retain the right to display, print, alter the commissioned piece for personal and commercial use. Of course we can discuss it when you don't want me to use the commissioned piece for commercial use and in the case I make a profit of the piece you've commissioned you are entitled to royalties.
If you want to use the commissioned piece for commercial use, you need to buy the copyrights of the commissioned piece too and though they donít come cheap, Iím certain we can agree on something. If you want me to produce the commissioned piece royalty free, be prepared to pay for it.

3) Once weíve agreed on what will be the end product (what will be drawn/painted, what medium will be used, etc.) and the price, youíll pay half of the agreed sum in advance. I prefer payment via a PayPal account (or credit card) if you live outside of the Netherlands and I will not start working before Iíve received half of the agreed sum. This is to ensure you are a client who takes business serious. In the situation youíd like to cancel the commission, Iíll refund the paid amount if I havenít started working on the commission or half of the paid amount ( = 25% of the total agreed sum) if I have already started (this includes the making of preliminary sketches).

4) Iíll make several preliminary sketches for you to judge and to give you a rough idea how the end result will look like. You are free to make suggestions at this phase.

5) If needed Iíll send copies or photographs of the work in progress that you can view and judge. You can still make suggestions, but keep in mind that when nearing the final stage it will be harder to make far-reaching changes.

6) When the piece is finished Iíll send a copy or photograph for you to judge. If you are content, you can pay the other half of the agreed price. Upon receiving the second part of the payment plus shipping costs, Iíll ship the commissioned piece to you or any other address youíve specified. Please note that you are responsible for shipping costs (and insurance).

If you have any questions, donít hesitate to contact me by clicking here or email me at info(at)microwavedcoffee(dot)com (remove the brackets and replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with ".").
For examples of my artwork I refer to the art galleries present on this website.

Last update: December the 18th 2007