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Asian ball joint(ed) dolls (ABJD) enjoy a growing popularity amoung both doll collectors and people, who never had much affinity with dolls before, all over the world. Therefore this part of my website is in English only. Most ABJD-fans can understand English, however if your understanding of English is a bit poor and you would still like to know more about these dolls, I gladly direct you to Dewdrops. It's not officially a forum for ABJD, but several members are collectors and can answer questions regarding these dolls. English speaking visitors can take a look at the large international ABJD forum Den of Angels, if they are looking for more information.
ABJD are often called dollfies, however I prefer to use the term ABJD, because "dollfie" is a brand name like Kleenex is the name of a tissue brand and not the name of tissues in general.

This part of my website is dedicated to my own dolls and all the customisations I do and stuff I make for them. I have decided not to accept commission now or in the future. I seriouly hate dealing with the mail and in my personal opinion it is not worth the bother.
Click on any of the images below for more information.

face-ups Face-ups
Click on the image on the left to see all the face-ups I've have done so far ranging from my first horriffic attempts to my recent not so horrific attempts.

Mod projects

Einhard: horror mod Einhard
Click on the image on the left to see the process of making Einhard, a Lovecraftian horror mod.

Last update: Juli the 27th 2009