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[September the 28th 2006]
commissioned art page has been updated.

[September the 10th 2006]
There's a new Stok and Hark comic.

[August the 23rd 2006]
There's a new
Stok and Hark comic and a painted feather:

[August the 14th 2006]
I proudly present my first painted feather:

[August the 13th 2006]
There are about 25 oekaki images uploaded in the oekaki gallery. New and old ones.

[August the 10th 2006]
There are two new Stok and Hark comics.

[August the 7th 2006]
The commissioned art gallery has been updated with 4 images. Click on the image below for a short cut.

[July the 27th 2006]
There's now a
news archive for old news to keep the main page from getting cluttered by things you probably don't want to read anymore.
I've uploaded a new painting (click on the image below) and a new Stok and Hark comic. If you want to know more about the painting and new comic, read the Microwaved coffee web log.

[July the 13th 2006]
I've made some small changes to the comics section, added two banners for Microwaved coffee to the links section and placed information about when the last update took place on the pages I think it will matter.

[July the 2nd 2006]
There's a new Stok and Hark comic and I've updated the Stok and Hark cast section.

[June the 30th 2006]
I've place the first comics in the comics section. If you'd like to know more about the thoughts behind the comics, visit the Microwaved coffee web log. There isn't a real comment on the current additions yet, but check again later today. It's past midnight and I need to sleep.

[June the 27th 2006]
I've finished the art section and will be working on the comic section in the near future.

[June the 25th 2006]
Rejoice! There is now a FAQ and a commissions page.

[June the 23th 2006]
You work really hard to make changes most people won't even notice and then you notice you don't have a contact button in the top bar with the link buttons. It will be hell to get it on all the pages, thus for now people will have to do with a picture and link on the home page.
In other news: Gandalf died and there's a brand new gallery for commissioned art, which is shamefully empty except for two images. More commissioned art will be presented in the future.

[June the 17th 2006]
Because I wasn't pleased with how the home page looked after adding the banners at the bottom, I've made a new section called links.
It took a lot of work, but there now is an oekaki art gallery.

[June the 16th 2006]
I've added some banners at the bottom of this page. If you'd like to link to microwavedcoffee.com with a banner, I suggest you check this page in a few days. I'm working on some banners.

[June the 15th 2006]
I can't sleep so I wrote my bio in the middle of the night (or at four in the morning to be more precise) and added it to the website. Go enjoy the twists and turns of my sleepless mind.

[June the 14th 2006]
I'm just trying out my not so 1337 html skilz to figure out if I can make a website on my own. Be horrified. I know I will be.

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